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Accountants for Pubs & Licensed Trades

Accountants for pubs, breweries, clubs, hotels and restaurants

The stress-free solution to handling accounts, as well as reducing costs and ensuring quality – we provide a full outsourced accounting service, covering all roles from bookkeeper to finance director. Whatever your industry, we can certainly step up, although we’re particularly savvy in providing this service for businesses within the licensed trade.

Specialising in pubs, breweries, clubs, hotels or restaurants, we’ve years of experience and knowhow in this sector, from single outlet entities to larger pub groups.

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Our knowledge goes well beyond the financial aspects. We know operational issues and the intricacies of running a business in the licensed trade, offering the publican the complete accountancy package. Our infrastructure allows us to offer outsourcing of business-critical services such as accounts, bookkeeping, payroll processing, handling all supplier queries and preparation of VAT returns. We become an extension of your business – part of the team. You can rely on us.

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Whether you are just starting out in the pub industry or currently running an existing, established licensed venue, Hayhursts can guarantee the specialised pub accounting skills, extensive experience and general ‘back-up’ you expect and deserve.

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If you are still unsure about outsourcing or whether Hayhursts is the right fit for your business, we would be happy for you to speak to one of our existing clients to get their view on how working with Hayhursts works for them!

Benefits of using Hayhursts for all your Licensed Trade Accountancy needs:

You’re guaranteed:

We will provide:

Pub accounting services can include:
In short, Hayhursts ensure you have everything you need, when you need it, and allow you to focus purely on running your licensed trade.


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