Charity Begins at Hayhursts

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charity begins at hayhursts

This local accountancy firm doesn’t just believe in making money, they believe in making a difference. For years, Hayhursts have blended sports sponsorships with charity work to encourage, involve and inspire children in the community.

oakwood youth club

As well as being the official sponsor of Oakwood Youth U14 Junior Premier League team for two years, the firm is an official “Friend” of The Saints Foundation; the charity of Southampton FC, to help change the lives of young people and adults at risk across Hampshire.

Hayhursts have also worked with the junior coaching at Fair Oak Squash Club, purchasing sports equipment and donating to charities of their choice, with an aim to increase children’s knowledge and involvement in the sport, motivating and helping to channel local kids’ potential.

hayhursts charity sponsor

Christmas is a time for celebration but also a time to recognise those less fortunate than ourselves. Each year the Hayhursts team all add an extra few presents to their Christmas shopping which are then brought together as a company and donated to a local hospital or children’s charity.

Every member of the team at Hayhursts is also encouraged to suggest local causes that are close to their heart for the company to contribute to and we are pleased to have contributed to a number of causes over the years.

If you have any questions about Hayhursts’ charity work or would like to discuss any potential partnerships, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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