Top Ten Reasons YOU Should Become an Accountant

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why you should become an accountant

Accounting is a fascinating field – and if you’re considering a career as an accountant, Hayhursts have compiled ten reasons to inspire, motivate and maybe nudge you further toward your perfect job. Some may even surprise you…

1. You’ll always be needed

As long as people make money – you’ll be in demand. Sure, no profession is 100% recession-proof, but no matter the country’s financial state, accountants remain relatively unaffected by the flux and movement of the economy. In fact, the latest 2019 unemployment rates reported a teeny 2% for accountants and auditors, with further research showing that the UK alone will need around 80,000 additional accountants by 2050. See, despite the stigma, Accounting is one job that never goes out of style.

2. Great salary

A survey conducted by Prospects this year revealed that the average annual salary for a chartered accountant is £84,500. Meanwhile, AAT training provider Kaplan’s latest review stated that 60% of people taking an accounting course received financial support from their employer or training provider, meaning you could earn while gaining those all-important qualifications.

3. Room to grow

Because Accountants are in such high demand, there’s plenty of opportunity for advancement. Channel that ambitiousness and passion and, with a little hard work, you could make partner before you know it. The only way is up.

4. It’s more about advice than mathematics

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a maths wizard to be an accountant. Sure, numeracy is important, but it’s only a fraction of the required skillset. Consultancy and advice using expert knowledge of business, cash flow and tax expenditure really forms the bulk of what accountants offer, with the right software doing most of the number crunching.

5. You’re everyone’s go-to

Like helping people? Surprisingly, Accounting could just be the perfect career. Accountants help clients 24-7, be it solving problems or by achieving business goals. Often, their vision for the future is the one that gets implemented – and it’s pretty rewarding. Meanwhile, you know your loved ones are gonna need your advice – especially around mid-April – and while this may cue eye-rolling a’plenty, you know deep-down you pride yourself on being the one your family and friends go to for help.

6. You can work in almost any industry

Accountancy is at the heart of everything. From fashion to festivals, large or small, every organisation needs a finance department and accounting expertise. When you train as an accountant, you gain skills you can apply to almost any industry; corporate and commercial businesses; charities and none-profit organisations; entertainment and educational institutions. You have options. Lots of options.

7. You’ll never be bored

This one may surprise you, but that classic stereotype that accounting is dull is nothing more than a myth. For many accountants, each day is new and exciting. The industry is constantly evolving, and you’re at the forefront of this exciting business change. Accountants need to stay up-to-date on the best practises and techniques, your work will involve innovative problem solving and dynamic critical thinking. And with all the different accounting disciplines to explore – financial, management, auditing and tax – you’re sure to never be bored

8. We’re a happy bunch!

Accountants report VERY high job satisfaction rates, and the role even made the recent Forbes list of “Happiest Jobs.”

9. Like to travel?

Accounting – you can do it anywhere! Everyone speaks ‘money’, and not only are the principles universal, but the ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is one membership recognised and respected the world over. Be it travelling for work or moving abroad, Accounting could be your passport to your dream locale.

10. Strong foundations for life

Managing your credit cards? Check. Applying for a mortgage? Check. Saving for retirement? Check. Running your own business? CHECK! Being financially literate and spend-savvy makes for some pretty impressive life skills, and that goes a long, long way.

Think this may be the career for you? Here at Hayhursts, we’d like to help. If you have any questions or need advice on a career in accounting, then contact us.

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